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How to fix and save dry erase markers?

Though Maxtek Markers are designed with premium ink (German ink with low odor and non-toxic). Inappropriate ways of use and store would still reduce the product life.Here are some specific methods to help you revive dried-out markers and store them correctly:

Magnetic dry erase markers

1.Warm water soak:

This method is particularly effective for wet erase markers. For mildly dried-out markers, you can soak the marker tip in warm water to help soften the dried ink. After soaking for a few minutes, take out the marker tip and test it on scrap paper. Repeat this process several times until the ink starts flowing again.

Video: How to fix and save dried out wet erase markers with water?

2.Alcohol activation:

For dry erase markers, a simple method is to use alcohol to revive dried-out dry erase markers. Dip the marker tip into a small amount of alcohol, allowing the alcohol to enter the tip and dissolve the dried ink. Then, test the marker on scrap paper a few times to help reactivate the ink.

3.Shake and tap:

Sometimes, the ink in dry erase markers can congeal near the tip. You can try shaking the marker or gently tapping the bottom to help redistribute the ink evenly. This may help the marker start flowing again. Remember to securely put the cap on before using this method to prevent ink from splattering during the shaking process.

4.Liquid refill method:

Some marker manufacturers offer special ink refill solutions that can be used to replenish dried-out markers. Follow the product instructions to apply the refill liquid and wait for a while before attempting to write again. Some refill methods include holding the marker vertically, tip down into the refill ink. This method is typically suitable when the marker has completely dried out.

5.Wipe with a wet cloth/sponge:

Gently wipe the marker tip with a wet cloth or sponge to remove any dried ink residue. Sometimes, this can help revive the marker tip.

6.Tip down vertically:

Put the cap on and store the marker with the tip down vertically in a pen holder for at least one day. If the dry erase marker hasn't completely dried out, it may regain its writing ability.

Besides the restore methods, here are some storage considerations you should pay attention to while daily use :

-Always put the cap on:

After use, always remember to put the cap on to prevent ink evaporation and drying out of the tip. A whiteboard with a detachable aluminum marker tray would help you to always remember to cap on and return the markers to their original place for storing.

-Storage orientation:

Horizontal storage > Vertically with the tip down > Vertically with the tip up.

Horizontal storage can maintain ink consistency.It will prevent the ink from being too thick, affecting dry wiping. At the same time, it will not make the ink too light, affecting visibility. This is why Horizontal storage is considered the best storage way for dry erase markers. Also, using a whiteboard come with a detachable aluminum marker tray for holding markers may be convinient and helpful.

-Avoid exposure to sunlight:

Keep the markers away from direct sunlight as it can cause the ink to fade and dry out.

-Ensure ventilation:

Store the markers in a well-ventilated area, avoiding excessively humid environments to prevent ink varied.

If you have found any effective method to revive dry erase markers, feel free to leave your comment below!

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