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What are the differences between Dry Erase Markers and Wet Erase Markers?

Dry erase markers and wet erase markers are two common types of markers we use in daily life. Although they are both tools used for writing and marking, their properties are distinctly different.

1. What is a dry erase marker?

These markers typically contain non-permanent ink that adheres to whiteboard surfaces, allowing users to write and wipe off easily. The ink in dry erase markers is typically alcohol-based, which evaporates quickly on the whiteboard surface. This quick-drying property prevents smudging and residue problems of regular ink. It enables effortless erasure using a dry cloth or dry eraser.

2. What is a wet erase marker?

In contrast, wet-erase pens use water-based ink that adheres more firmly to surfaces, making them ideal for use on materials such as laminated paper, acrylic, or glass. Maxtek Whiteboard also offers wet-erase markers which is suitable for whiteboard writing.

Unlike dry erase markers, the ink from wet-erase markers requires moisture to be removed effectively. Wet erase markings typically necessitate the use of a damp cloth or specialized wet erase cleaning solution for thorough removal.

Wet Erase Markers for different surfaces

3. What are the Differences Between Dry Erase Markers and Wet Erase Markers?

Ink Composition & Adherence Properties

- Dry erase markers use alcohol-based ink, which dries quickly and can be easily wiped away with a dry cloth or eraser

- Wet erase pens use water-based ink, which adheres more securely to surfaces, requiring moisture for removal.

Surface Compatibility:

- Dry erase markers are best suited for use on whiteboard surfaces, where easy erasability is essential.

- Wet erase markers are suitable for glass, acrylic and other surfaces, making the marks more durable. making the marks more durable. But there are also some wet erase markers that are designed for whiteboard writing and work effectively.

4. Should I choose dry erase markers OR wet erase markers? Which one is the best?

It depends on your specific needs. Dry erase markers are ideal for whiteboards and other non-porous surfaces. They wipe off easily with a dry cloth or eraser, making them convenient for quick changes and temporary notes. On the other hand, wet erase markers require a damp cloth or special wet erase cleaner to remove, providing a more durable mark that won't easily smudge or wipe away accidentally. So, consider the surface you're working with and how long you need your writing to stay on the board to determine which type of marker is best for you.

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