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Whiteboards vs. Dry Erase Boards: is there a difference?

Whiteboards and dry erase boards have gained steam in the last two decades. The terms whiteboard and dry erase board are used interchangeably. The question of their differences is something that highly debatable but still has some people got confused. Does a difference between the two really exist?

Are whiteboards different than dry erase boards?

Whiteboards and dry erase boards are essentially the same. The primary difference lies in the name. A dry erase board can be a whiteboard with only one exception, that being that a dry erase board can come in colors other than white. They include light pinks, blues, and yellows. In this case, it wouldn't be technically correct to refer to them as whiteboards.

It's rare that these other colors are used because they don't bring out the different colors of ink used on a whiteboard. It is most likely for that reason that the term whiteboard is widely used. It's also less time-consuming than saying dry erase board. Either way, the term whiteboard wins due to widespread use.

Both dry erase board and whiteboard use smooth features that make writing short and simple. It's easy to erase ink if a dry eraser is used. Both are versatile enough to be used at home, in the office and school.

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