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Different types of marker tips

Dry erase markers come with different tip styles, each offering unique benefits depending on your writing style, application, and personal preferences. Here's a breakdown of the most common tip styles and their differences:

1. Bullet Tip:

- A bullet tip is rounded and produces a consistent line width.

- Suitable for general writing, drawing, and outlining.

- Offers smooth and consistent ink flow on whiteboad surfaces.

- Ideal for everyday use in classrooms, offices, and homes.

2. Fine Point Tip:

- A fine point tip is slender and produces thin, precise lines.

- Offers greater control and precision, especially when writing on smaller surfaces or adding fine details.

- Ideal for use on calendars, planners, and maps where space is limited.

- May be preferred by individuals with small handwriting or those who require precision.

fine tip marker offer more accurate writing
ultra fine tip markers

(If you prefer more accurate writing, choose 0.7mm ultra fine tip)

3. Chisel Tip:

- A chisel tip has a flat edge with an angled or tapered point.

- Allows for variable line widths, ranging from broad strokes to fine lines, depending on the angle and pressure applied.

- Ideal for creating bold letters, diagrams, and presentations.

- Offers versatility for both writing and drawing tasks.

- Well-suited for whiteboard presentations and illustrations.

glass markers with both Chisel Tip / Bullets Tip

Choosing the best tip style depends on your specific needs and preferences:

- For general writing and everyday use:

Bullet tip markers are a reliable choice. They offer consistent line width and smooth ink flow, making them suitable for various tasks.

- For presentations and illustrations:

Chisel tip markers provide versatility, allowing you to create bold letters, diagrams, and graphics with ease. The variable line width adds visual interest to your presentations and drawings.

- For detailed work and small writing:

Fine point markers offer precision and control, making them ideal for adding fine details or writing in small spaces. If you frequently work with calendars, planners, or charts, fine point markers may be the best option.

Which one is your favorite type of marker tips? Feel fee to share and leave your comment below.

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