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Whiteboard Surface Differences-What is the best dry erase board?

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We all know Whiteboards (or dry erase boards) benefits for planning or, brainstorming when working or studying. It is definitely one of the best tools to improve productivity and efficiency. However, there are lots of materials whiteboard with different types, how do we choose the best one? This article will lead you to identify the most common dry erase board categories and offer a basic and easy guide for whiteboard purchasing.

The differences between whiteboard surface materials

The three most common items used for making types of dry erase boards are melamine, painted steel, and glass. Each is prized for its smoothness and ease of use with a few handy differences.


Melamine is used to make a type of simple whiteboard and is usually small and compact. This brand is made of paper that's coated in resin for a smooth, shiny appearance. They are popular in most homes and school settings such as dorm rooms.

The following features make melamine boards a practical alternative for those on limited budgets. They are:


•Lightweight and easy to carry

•Framed with a trim

A major disadvantage to using a melamine whiteboard is that the ink is difficult to erase. Hard cleaning can remove it in most cases, but the paper inside retains an imprint. That is also called "whiteboard ghosting". In this case, at some point, it pays to invest in a better type of whiteboard such as painted steel or glass.

Painted steel

Painted steel whiteboards have a steel surface that is painted white. And because of the metal, the board is very magnetic, which makes it possible to use magnets to pin notes and photos onto the surface.

Features of a painted steel whiteboard are:

•Has a sleek, clear coating for easy writing and erasing

•Can be made to last with routine cleanings

•Can double as a bulletin board for memos and pictures

•Usually comes with an aluminum frame

•Price is affordable with good quality

Painted Steel Whiteboard

The only drawback to using painted steel whiteboards is that they are usually recommended for light to medium use, which actually can satisfy needs of most people. But if you want to have a dry erase board which will be used frequently and heavily, then a glass board might be a better option.


A glass whiteboard is something that adds modern appeal to any office or classroom setting and makes an excellent material for a dry erase board. A glass surface is highly durable and is perhaps the best investment for most professional settings.

Features of a glass whiteboard include:

•Made of durable, laminated safety glass

•Scratch resistant

•Has a smooth, shiny surface that's free of dents

•Surface holds no residue or marker stains regardless of frequency of use

•Glass design makes a good impression for guests during office presentations

Glass whiteboard

A glass whiteboard may cost more than the others but it makes a worthy investment. The only issue may be the weight, which might be challenging when moving it from one room to the next. Other than that, the glass whiteboard is definitely built to last.

Price and quality

Like any other product, the quality of a whiteboard is measured by cost. The melamine dry erase board will be the cheapest option because of the materials it's made of. The only trick is you should erase the ink immediately after using, in order to avoid a lasting ink impression.

The melamine board is more likely to end up in a landfill a lot faster than the other two. Even though it's the cheapest option, constantly replacing it with another of its kind can cost more money than imagined.

Which is the best whiteboard?

Despite the expense, the glass option is the best of the three. Not only is it durable, but it can be very attractive in a professional setting. It is also the least likely to leave marker color after erasing and can be erased without ado. But like what was mentioned above, if you just want a light to medium use, purchasing a painted steel whiteboard can satisfy your needs for sure.

Looking for a whiteboard with premium quality and affordable price?

Which type whiteboard do I need?

With the different materials out there, it's now time to take a good look at the types of whiteboards that are out there. There are many from which to choose, such as mobile, easel, and wall mounted types.

Mobile whiteboard

The mobile whiteboard comes with wheels on the bottom for easy transport between rooms. It has a strong base that supports the board's weight entirely, along with a few other features:

•Comes with a flip chart and attachment hooks.

•A Height-Ajustable Mobile Board is adjustable for both sitting and standing presentations.

•Magnetic painted steel material that doubles as a bulletin board

•Price is affordable

Strong wheels and a secure base make the mobile whiteboard safe for use in both school and the office.

Easel whiteboard

An easel whiteboard adds a creative touch for any meeting. It has an artistic flair that includes strong support and light weight that makes it easier to be carried from one room to another. It has the following features:

•Strong, steel tripod stand with three legs and rubber bottoms

•Board is supported by an aluminum frame

•Comes with 6 magnetic pieces, a magnetic eraser, and 3 markers

•Height adjustable for sitting or standing

Not only can it can be picked up and carried to any part of the room or office, easel whiteboards also holds a removable aluminum tray just for markers and erasers, which makes office storage easy.

Wall mounted whiteboard

Lastly, there is a dry erase board that is designed to remain in place. The wall-mounted whiteboards can be hung in an office as a memo board. It can be used to write down daily tasks, meeting times, and other important information.

The wall whiteboard has other prominent features that include:

•Possible to hang based on own decisions, whether is horizontally or vertically

•Has a smooth writing surface that's easy to erase

•Comes in an aluminum frame

The wall-mounted whiteboard is good for business or casual settings. Its flexible design fits almost any situation, whether it's an office, personal kitchen, or a college dorm room.

Which dry erase board should I buy?

With so much information available, decisions can be hard. Size, material, and cost are all factors in choosing a good whiteboard. Quality matters, and it may be best to consider spending a little more money for a good whiteboard that lasts. The key is knowledge, but after capturing all information listed above, I'm sure you have made your own decision about your favorite whiteboard.

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